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Bed Bug

   Do You Have bed bugs?

Bed Bug on Skin

Discover the secret world of bed bugs.

Pest can invade our garden and our home. You would very quickly know if you had a rodent family take up residence in your home and would take immediate action. However what if the pest was somewhat smaller and had grown undetected to a level of mass infestation.

Bed Bugs can do just that. It seems that their presence and their bites can go undetected for up to a year before creating any evidence.

What are Bed bugs?

  • Tiny insects that suck blood
  • Live in dark places in your home - cracks in skirting boards, floorboards, picture frames, peeling wall paper etc
  • Approx 1/5 inch long
  • They don't carry diseases
  • Bites can cause itching and localised skin swelling
  • Active at night

Signs of bed Bug Infestation

  • Bites - showing as a whitish swelling
  • Blood spots on sheets, mattresses
  • Shed skins, eggs visible under beds, edge of mattresses, cracks of woodwork etc

How do you get rid of bed Bugs?

  • Professional help from pest control companies

Why get Professional Help?

  • Use of dangerous chemicals to eliminate the bed bugs
  • They are the experts
  • Years of experience
  • Advice regarding chemical residues in your house
  • Advice on safety for pets

Bed Bugs - Top Tip

Do your research and look into the different bed bug control products and companies available to you. Choose a company that specialises in bed bug extermination.

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