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Pest Repellers

Humanely Repel Pests Without Dangerous Chemicals

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Are you looking for humane pest control methods?

Ultrasonic pest control devices are used to prevent pests such as Rats or Cockroaches from entering your home or business.

How it works

  • These devices produce ultrasonic sound waves that cause discomfort to rodents and insects which then keep away from the property
  • It works silently
  • No damage to the environment
  • No problem with pets (other than rodents)


  1. Non-Toxic
  2. Humane
  3. Safe for children and pets
  4. Continual Protection
  5. Environmentally friendly repeller

However, there is scientific dispute as to the effectiveness of these devices.

Ultrasonic Pest Control - Top Tip

If you are looking for an ultrasonic solution for pest control check the efficacy of the device before buying. Choose a reputable supplier who can offer testing data and money back guarantees if not satisfied.

Ionic Pest Control

Ionic Pest Control is one of the most modern techniques in electronic pest control technologies.

What are ions?

  • Electrically charged atoms common in the atmosphere
  • Negative ions are normally produced during a storm

How it works

  • Streams of negative ions are pumped into the air
  • Pollutants, bacteria and dust mites are pulled from the atmosphere
  • Negative ions ward off rodents and insects


  1. Non-Toxic
  2. Humane
  3. Purifies the air
  4. Continual Protection
  5. Environmentally friendly repeller

Electromagnetic Pest Control

How it works

  • utilises existing wiring within your walls to scare away pests
  • normal frequency signals travelling through your walls are changed to a pulsating vibration only small pests can detect
  • the tiny vibrations disturb insects
  • shifting frequency irritates the rodents nervous system


  • The same as Ultrasonic Pest Control Repellers


  • Not suitable for use where rodents or insects are pets in the home.

Pest Repellers - Top Tip

As these forms of Pest Repellers are reletively new to the Pest Control market be sure to do your research and choose the product which is correct for your environment. As this is a specialist area select a professional to advise and fit the devices.
Always combine the use of Pest Repellers with physical Pest Deterrent actions.

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