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Roof Rat

   Rodent Pest Control

House Mouse

Have you heard that rustling? Listened to those scurrying noises at night?
Seen those gnaw marks on your door frames?

It could be you have a rodent visitor!

How do you know if you have rodents?

  • Scampering or gnawing sounds at night in the attic or behind walls
  • Rodent droppings alongside walls, in the garage or attic
  • Visible signs of gnawing on food boxes and walls around pipes or ducts
  • Smudge marks on walls

How do Rodents get in to your property?

  1. Via pet doors
  2. Holes in walls (if a pencil fits in a mouse can get through)
  3. Small openings around pipes
  4. Through vents
  5. Under ill-fitting doors
  6. Via the roof (rats can climb trees near your house)

Body Size: 6 - 8 inches Body Size: Up to 2 inches
Carry and transmit diseases Urine droplets cause allergies
Cause severe gnawing damage Can produce 6 litters a year
Can climb up pipes 1 inch diameter Average litter is 6 mice
Carry fleas, lice and mites Carry fleas, lice and mites
Contaminate food stores Gain access through holes as small as a pencil

Top Ten Rodent Hazards

  1. Rodents spread many diseases which are harmful to you
  2. House mice shed micro-droplets of urine constantly around your home
  3. Mice urine can cause allergies in children
  4. Rodents eat through wallboards, plaster, wood, food boxes and cause serious damage
  5. Rats gnaw on electrical wiring potentially causing a serious house fire
  6. Rodents carry fleas, lice and mites
  7. They leave droppings in your home
  8. Food stores are contaminated by urine and droppings
  9. Rodents rapidly multiply to infest your home
  10. Whilst not common - rodents can bite you!

Keeping Rodents out of your home

  • Seal all holes larger diameter than a pencil
  • Seal cracks, voids etc in walls
  • Cover vents, ducts with fine mesh
  • Fit brush strips to base of external doors
  • Remove all food and water sources for pests
  • Lids on bins
  • Move stored firewood away from the house
  • Keep house / garden / yard tidy and clear of all unwanted items

How to get rid of Rodents - Rodent pest control

  • Traps - place where rodent activity is evident, up against a wall on a run
  • Options for traps - live traps or poison traps
  • Ultrasonic / electronic pest repellers
  • Consider calling a rodent pest control professional
  • A professional can survey the problem and exterminate the rodent population in your home
  • A pest controller will also give advice on pest prevention and proofing to deter more visitors

Rodent Pest Control - Top Tip

Check out all the options available to you by doing your research on the different products and on the numerous professional rodent pest control companies.

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