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Squirrel on Nuts

Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrel on Roof

Are Squirrels a Pest?

These are a few of the Hazards created by Squirrels in the home:

  • Cause damage by invading our attics
  • Chew through electrical wires creating the potential for a house fire
  • Chew through fascias and gutterings, causing leaks and further damage
  • Damage insulation reducing the thermal efficiency of the home
  • Chew through water pipes creating water damage
  • Create a general mess and damage of stored goods
  • Create a smell and unhygienic conditions in the home

Squirrel Facts:

The most common species is the Grey Squirrel

  • 18 inches long (including tails)
  • Coloured salt and pepper grey with pale belly
  • Larger than red squirrels
  • Natural habitat is wooded areas
  • 2 litters a year each with 2 - 4 young
  • Diet: insects, fruit, vegetables, nuts
  • Active during the day

Squirrel Prevention:

By the far the best approach to all pest control and definitely with squirrel pest control is prevention.

15 of the Best Preventative Measures for Squirrel Pest Control

  1. Proper sanitation and property maintenance will prevent most problems
  2. Remove food and shelter sources which may be attractive to all pests
  3. Don't leave pet food out
  4. Clear up around bird feeders
  5. Move bird feeders away from the house
  6. Ideally don't have seed and nut bird feeders
  7. Keep a tight lid on your garbage / dustbin
  8. Keep your barbecue clean and covered
  9. Trim trees so they are away from the house
  10. Remove firewood away from the building
  11. Fill cracks around the roof and gutters
  12. Use gutter guards and cover down spouts
  13. Place moth balls in the attic but encase them in wire mesh and tie them down so they can't be removed
  14. High frequency sound emmiters can be used
  15. Seal all possible entrance holes to your attic / loft space

Getting Rid of Squirrels:

If you are unlucky enough to have your attic or loft invaded by squirrels then you need to try and remove them. The only practical solution is to trap them then prevent them returning by sealing up their access.

Trapping and relocating Squirrels:

  • Check with your local government agency / council whether you are legally entitled to do this
  • Do not trap when the squirrels have young
  • If you are doing it yourself ensure you buy a suitable trap and read the instructions carefully
  • Peanut Butter is a good bait to use
  • Find the access route first by observation and then place the trap accordingly
  • Ensure you monitor the trap so that the animal can be removed quickly without any undue stress
  • Once trapped wear heavy work gloves to handle and ensure that you have a suitable place to release some miles away that has adequate food and shelter for the squirrel

Ideally it may be better, and in some cases your only option, to locate a professional trapper with a special license to trap, and relocate your squirrels.

Squirrel Pest Control - Top Tip

Use all the above methods to prevent an invasion, but if they are resident in your attic - Get the Professionals In!

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