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Termite Eggs

Learn all about the size, appearance, and hiding spots of termite eggs...


Termite eggs are the eggs laid by a termite queen in a safe place in or above the ground. There can be a great number of eggs in a nest, and the queen will lay about 1,000 per day during her reproductive period. As soon as she has finished laying, she dies. The first eggs are laid before the first worker termites emerge from the cocoons. Termites are eusocial insects that live in colonies with distinct physical structures. These nests contain many individuals that are genetically related to each other, but only one female reproduces. This is because termite colonies are composed of blind worker termites which do not have ovaries, making them unable to produce offspring without an egg from a fertile queen.

What do termite eggs look like?

Take a look at the picture below for a closer look but generally, they are white, small and beady. Termite eggs are also slightly translucent.

termite eggs

Termite Egg Laying

Similar to lots of various other pests, the termite is replicated with the hatching out and also laying of eggs. Unlike the regular male/female dynamic that we, as human beings, recognize, the queen of the termite nest can end up being fertilized with eggs from several swarm participants so that the culture is maintained going. Simply put, termites aren’t virginal.

After the queen termite lays eggs

After the termite queen lays her eggs, worker termites move all of the eggs into incubation chambers and watch them closely until hatching time. Before hatching to larvae, Termite eggs usually incubate for around 1-2 weeks. Once the termite eggs hatch into adolescent termites, the worker termites move them to nursery chambers for feeding and grooming.

Experiencing a termite infestation?

If you think you have a termite infestation, it may be best to call in professional help. You can give us a call 24/7 at the number on this page to get fast termite control for your home. The termite life cycle can span from 2-50 years, so it’s best to take care of them early with professional termite control.

Termite Eggs Size

Termite eggs are very similar to ant eggs and the only real difference is their size. If you come across a termite nest, you will find them as small as grains of rice (0.5mm) or as big as peas (1.5 mm). They look like round white balls and there is a sticky substance on the surface that helps keep them together in their nest. They can be found in walls, floors, and furniture and they give off an unpleasant odor when disturbed.

At maturation, a queen termite can lay numerous thousands of eggs each and also every day. In some types of termites, the queen will in fact be able to include an additional collection of ovaries that will certainly create also much more eggs resulting in a bigger abdominal area along with raised fecundity which is the capability to make even more eggs as well as generate even more children.

Termite Nests

Termite nests likewise consist of winged reproductives and also extra reproductives every one of which generate termite eggs. Winged reproductives utilize their throng knowledge to abound to a brand-new area throughout the throng period, where they dropped their wings and also pair to begin a brand-new termite nest. Supplemental reproductives function as substitutes for the termite king or termite queen needs to among them pass away.

Termite eggs are generated at a disconcerting price as well as one or 2 termites can recreate right into hundreds and also hundreds within only a couple of days of time. Then, those termite eggs begin to expand and afterward start their damage on your plants and/or frameworks.

Soldier Termites vs. The Queen Termite

What is a little amusing regarding the expectant queen termite is that while she is incapacitated, she has to make use of the “workforce” of the employee termites to relocate her. The great information for those employee termites is that their incentive is a juice that is produced from the queen’s back.

When termite eggs initially hatch out, they take the type of fairies, which ultimately transform right into various participants of the termite nest. Soldier termites are sterilized, wingless, blind termites whose single function is to protect the termite swarm.

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