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Rodent Control Augusta, Georgia

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Rodent Extermination Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical price range for rodent extermination is $175 to $550 depending on how bad your issue is. The overall average price of mice extermination $342. A full-service professional visit, which usually includes an inspection, treatment, and exclusion (AKA preventing rodents from coming back) will typically range between $180–$600.

If you want to schedule a free inspection, feel free to call 1-888-708-8334

Well, ultimately that’s up to you. Purchasing your own traps and dealing with the mice infestation yourself may be the cheaper option, however, if the infestation is quite large for you to handle or if you don’t want to handle dead mice yourself, then getting professional mice exterminators is usually a better option.

Give us a call now and we can talk through options with you – just call 1-888-708-8334.

We do – just give us a call! Rodent control is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home. If you’re worried about how expensive the rat extermination service costs, you might actually be surprised! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the job done (especially if the issue isn’t as bad as you think), but you should know what to expect when it comes to pricing.

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The Gone-For-Good Guarantee

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Pest Control Services for Rats in Augusta

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Our commercial and residential clients have a lot to worry about when it comes to pests in their properties. Rats, mice, roaches, ants, and other pests can cause a myriad of issues. They can damage the integrity of your property, contaminate food, and potentially chew through your electrical wiring. Our pest control experts have the experience needed to help you eliminate these rat problems from your property.

Rats and mice can pose serious health concerns and safety risks to you and your family. These rodents can pass on a variety of diseases, including Weil’s disease, which affects the liver and kidneys, leptospirosis, which affects the kidneys and can cause meningitis, and salmonella enterica, which causes typhoid fever. In addition to potentially infecting your family members with these diseases, rats and mice bring other dangers as well.

They may damage the wiring in your home or chew through plastic or wood structures. This can lead to electrical fires or water damage from leaks. Even just one rat can cause a significant amount of damage to your home.

Where do rodents live?

Rodents live all over the world, often in close association with humans. Rats and mice are responsible for spreading many diseases, including plague and typhus. They chew on electrical wires, causing fire hazards. And they can tear up your home looking for food or nesting materials. So if you think you have a rat or mouse infestation problem at your home or business, call us for rodent control services in Augusta immediately.

Attacking your rodent problem at the root

We will identify your rat problem and take preventative measures before using chemicals. Whether the issue comes from pet food, bird seed, trash, or some other reason, it can be good to hire a rat service in Augusta.

Safe for your family and business

We are licensed, trained, and approved by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture. We make sure to use sanitation anytime we enter your household. We make sure all small holes are securely closed so that you don’t have to worry about any surprise visits in the future. Call us now for a service request and get rid of these pests once and for all with professional rodent control services in Augusta

Featured review

“The guys at Pest Exterminate now did a great job helping me with my rat problem. I had a few questions and they addressed all of them on the phone, showed up on time for my appointment, and I would recommend them to anyone in the Augusta area.” – Gerald F.

How do I get rid of rats?

Rat biologist: “If you have an entire block of empty houses of shelter and food for rats, the rats won’t stay there” Like any of us, all rats have an energy budget. And if they have to forage for five minutes instead of 25 minutes for their food then that will be where they will be going. Rats want the easiest way to get food and that may be through your garbage.

What if I have mice in my house?

Homeowners are also advised to watch for signs of a possible rat infestation in their homes. If you find rodent urine in the wall, you should consult an experienced inspector to make sure rodent infestation is contained.

Does leaving pet food out cause a rat infestation?

It can certainly lead to an infestation! The more trash and spare food that is in your house, the more likely you’ll see extra rodents and be in need of pest control services. If you do happen to find that rats are coming to your place, it may be time to schedule pest control services. Most people like to work with a professional pest control business instead of trying to deal with the issue themselves, so if you are one of those people, feel free to get in touch with our pest control service in Augusta to deal with your pest problem.

Male Rats vs. Female Rats

The differences between female and male rats are many. For instance, female rodents tend to be less territorial than males, as well as more social. In addition, the average lifespan of a female rat tends to be longer than that of a male rat.

While these two factors may not seem like much on their own, they do have a significant impact on the behavior and overall health of the animal. Male rats tend to be territorial and will often fight with other rats in order to defend their territory from intruders.

This instinct is often stronger during mating season when the males will fight even more aggressively trying to win over females for mating purposes. In addition, male rats tend to have a shorter life expectancy than female rats. The average lifespan of a male rat is about 2 years, while the average lifespan for a female can be up to 3 years.